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Are you interested in speeding up your search assignments and saving your company thousands of dollars?  RGF Solutions, Inc. can hand you an extremely accurate, on-target list of ideal candidates for your next search assignment that will significantly reduce the recruiting time table and exceed your internal client's expectations.  You stand to benefit immensely simply by outsourcing the one activity that can be arduous and time consuming, yet remains essential to your ultimate success - information gathering and verification (Name Generation).  

RGF Solutions specializes in name generation (unearthing and confirming names, titles and phone numbers), candidate development (identifying qualified and interested candidates), and pre-employment background screening.  By allowing our investigative research professionals to tackle your project requirements on an "on demand" basis, you will free up valuable time for more lucrative activities for you and your staff, while remaining in complete control.

 RGF Solutions is a premier outsourced research and recruiting services firm and is currently working with a number of the world's leading corporations and retained executive search firms.  We can provide you with fresh information for virtually any aspect of your business.  We invite you to consider the multitude of ways in which our HR solution services will enable your business to grow and prosper. 

Thank you for considering our services.  It is our sincere hope that we will be able to help you in the near future.

RGF Solutions, Inc recognizes our clients as our greatest assets.  All research and recruiting services rendered by RGF Solutions, Inc. is guaranteed to be accurate, as documented and agreed upon in our Best Practices Pre-Research Guide.  We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our work, and recommend us to your colleagues and peers. 

  • Choose how often you receive research, candidate development, or pre-screening updates.
  • Acquire well-developed organization charts.
  • Frequently communicate directly with a research expert.
  • Choose the most applicable companies or firms to target for name generation research.
  • Obtain crucial background information from a company that understands the executive recruiting industry.
  • Free yourself from the arduous name generation process and focus your valuable time connecting with applicable candidates.
  • Adjust the research strategy anytime during the name generation research process.

RGF Solutions bases pricing solely on a client centric model.  We conduct a thorough needs assessment with you to provide the most valuable solutions for your requirements and budget.  Call us today to reserve your free expert consultation and search strategy review.                                                       

Statistics on successful placements from original Research/Name Generation vary, though many top research consultants report rates of 60 - 70%.  We do not rely on bulk statistics to tell our story; rather at RGF Solutions, we invite you to speak with our current client partners and learn their side of the RGF Solutions experience.  Kindly visit our Client Testimonials page or contact us for referrals relating to your specific area of focus.    

Contact RGF Solutions:  (440) 582-5294 - OR-  research@rgfsolutions.com